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Miracle products

No, the product is not the miracle, the miracle is our body with is enormouscomplexity and everything works in strict orders and follow the predeterminedchemistry and biochemistry which every single cell has.Every cells and every organ know exactly how to create body balance and keep themhealthy and functionally.

Everything is based on communication and signals system and just one single disharmony in the whole complexity leading to chain reaction and the miscommunication resulting always in imbalance and disharmony and starting up the process that makes us sick.

Therefore the supply of Essential Nutrients is a must and that occur mostly from theSmall Intestine.

That is the miracle the product just secures that the Small Intestine can do its job.

Everything is linked to each others regarding health condition and sickness condition. All the immune cells are linked to each other regarding receptor and signal system. Other cells not exactly recognized as immune cells are depending on each others as well.

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