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The lowest common denominator seems to be the Small Intestine and the Peyer’sPatch system as many different diseases starting there depending that just this part ofthe body has a huge work to by breaking down the food to Essential Nutrientsprocessing the minerals, fat, vitamins etc., and make it possible to supply everythingto the cells via the blood transportation. In order to fulfil the task the balance in the Small Intestine must be in perfect condition, if not the lymphoid system Peyer’s Patchcannot fulfil its own work to balance up the immune defence system. Smalldisturbances may create huge problem resulting in severe diseases. It is well-knownfacts that drugs as anti-biotic destroy the micro-flora in the Small Intestine andweakened the immune defence system and make it possible for the yeast cell Candiaalbicans to growing into the small intestine and create an opportunistic infection.

When the immune defence system is in good condition Candia albicans cannot enterthe small intestine. Candia and other pathogenic yeast cells protect their own survivalby cover themselves with bio film which consist of mucus film and by that prevent thesmall intestine and Peyer’s Patch do work. This is a serious condition especially forpeople suffering from cancer, HIV/AIDS and other severe diseases.

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