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The enemies and our enemy

We are surrounded by enemies the entirely time as virus, bacteria, fungus, protozoa, mycotoxines etc. Some of those foreign enemies are harmless and some of themdeadly. Our immune defense systems are constructed in a way to handle all kind ofenemies and situation, despite the perfect immune protection we still facing fatalsituations.

The biggest enemy we have is our own immune defense system when of one reason orother an imbalance occur, even a small imbalance can leading to a chaotic situationand the immune defense system can shut off or going wild. One of the nightmaresituations is when our immune defense system going with full speed and create aCytokine Storm leading to collapse of the organs and death within 24 hours.

If it exists a minimal risk that the immune system running amok it will happened.

The body consists of huge amount of cells and each cell has its own predeterminedfunction decide from the beginning. Many cells are just nude cells without anyspecific function and they will be educated and trained to perform a specific function.The teaching places are in principal the Spleen and the Peyer’s patch cell system, it’san around the clock education.

The experts today are specialist principally only in one field and therefore missing the opportunity to see the total picture. The pharmaceutical companies target in thedevelopment of new medicines just for one disease and trying to develop drugs whichmonitor the disease as such, instead of find the reason and background for the actualdisease.

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