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The biggest problem during the development which started 1994 has been to explain why the products works and therefore I had to try to find the lowest commondenominator. The question was simple why works one product in so many differentdiseases and diseases which had nothing in common as I believed. We had during thetest period positive result from IBS-Cancer-HIV/AIDS-Autoimmune Diseases-Diabetes and so on and the list became endless. When our distributor in Thailand gaveus the results from sick people and we met some of them, then we became convincedthat the lowest common denominator must be the Small Intestine and the Peyer’sPatch SystemWith the key word “balance” the rest became easier and when I got Diabetes,Hypertension, high Cholesterol, and a kind of Cytokine Storm then I was convincedthat we could change the problem from severe sick to more or less healthy again forpeople.

I think it is easy to target Diabetes as the market field if we agree that the smallintestine is the key function for balance VS imbalance and that the Diabetes is acommon factor for many diseases.Our results are remarkable from the immunological point of view because patients with diseases as HIV and Cancer are after 3-6 months free from the tumors as well noHIV is detectable in the blood. Logically the B cells should produce protective antibody against the HIV but that is not the case obviously. My theory is that the B-cellsshould always produce protective anti bodies and the reason they don’t do it can beconnected that the Peyer’s Patch is not complete functionally.

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