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Mode of action!

This is the most difficult part and maybe we never will be able to answer the question.Enzyme product as mentioned before can be judged as a natural biological system and contains probably more metabolites than I have been able to declare. We know fromour own trials in animals that the actual microorganisms survive the acid part in thestomach and that is logic because the microorganisms replicate under acid conditiondown to pH 2.2. What I assume is that the mode of action is based on different factsas the enzymes, acids, Bacteriocins, anti-toxins as they have produced but alsoproducing as soon as the dormant system coming in contact with water. During thepassage from the acid parts to the colon they replicate themselves the whole time.We know that “bio film” is a huge problem which the Candida albicans producing andcover the whole surface from the mouth to rectum will be attacked of the spectrum ofenzymes as the product producing and that will destroy the “Bio film” that incombination with the Lactic and Acetic acid which also is produced. The Bacteriocinsare very active and will kill different bacteria and fungus. The yeast cells Pichia farinosa is producing a killer toxin which kill the Aflatoxines which are naturallyoccurring mycotoxines produced by many species of Aspergillus. The productcontains for sure compounds which can trigger Insulin to work within minutes andthat could be a “signal substance”. For the time being I can only use my imaginationhow the product work and it could be the hiding secrete. Because all the probiotics onthe market for human use is far as I know from intestine of swine and chickens andtherefore young compared with the soil microorganism as we are using.

The mode of action is based on multiply factors which works in symbioses

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