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Cytokine Storm

Cytokine Storm is a systemic expression of a healthy and active immune systemresulting in a cascade of more than 150 known inflammatory compounds as cytokines,oxygen free radicals etc. The Cytokine Storm is not a disease it is a potentially fatalimmune reactions. It is a severe condition based on several factors which includehomeostatic imbalance both in the immune system as well in the small intestine. Thewhole development of a Cytokine Storm is a positive feedback loop which usually isnot positive and can be explained that “immune cell A” produces more of “CytokineB” which in turn produces more of “immune cell A”. This can be compared withnuclear chain reaction.Cytokine Storm is a good example on homeostasis imbalance when the immunedefense system going wild and losing its function.

According to the literature the epicentre for Cytokine Storm is located in the smallintestine based on imbalance

Homeostasis is important for our survival in order for all the cells and organ works inharmony. However, we should look upon homeostasis. If we look upon the definitionof Cytokine Storm that a young people with strong immune defense system moreeasily develop Cytokine storm than people with weak immune defense system. Thatlogic seems is questionable. The action and the ability to prevent foreign invaders tocause damage in our body depending how well the immune defense system workingin all aspects from the signal system between the immune cells and the activation ofthe immune cells to act. The immune system is either strong or weak. A strongimmune system should not create a Cytokine Storm and the explanation must be thateven if the immune defense system is strong it is not in balance and the positivefeedback loop are out of control mechanisms and therefore the strong immune defensesystem must be back in balance. A weak immune defense system cannot produce antibodies,cannot kill foreign invaders, and cannot kill tumor cells. The weakimmunedefense system is in imbalance state as well as an overactive immune defense system.

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