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How to avoid stroke?

The best method is to secure the homeostasis in healthy people and by that avoidDiabetes, High Cholesterols, Hypertension, Kidney failure, Cytokine Storm andinfection of Small Intestine. All of those are risk factors and contribute to development of stroke. To keep the Small Intestine and the lymphoid system Peyer’sPatch in perfect condition leading to total body balance.

How to treat people suffering from stroke?
Several published studies (Stroke Unit, Department of Neurology, Hospital Universitario La Paz,Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Madrid, and Spain)suggest that the control of blood pressure, blood glucose level and body temperature and oxygen saturation is successful stroke outcome. The proper management of physiological variables (homeostasis) such as BP, body temperature, blood glucose, and oxygen saturation is the basis of acute stroke treatment. The underlying mechanisms for stroke is other diseases caused by imbalance in the body and therefore the key is to secure the working condition of the Small Intestine as that part of the digestion tract stand for over 90% of all Essential Nutrients to all the cells and organs.

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