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The Immune System

The immune defense system is extremely complicated and is strict regulated and mustbe in total balance in order to protect the body from all kind of diseases.

Every single white blood (immune defense cells) knows exactly what to do whenforeign intruders attack the system.

The immune defense system is divided in cells (T helper cells and Killer cells). The helper cells take up foreign intruder as bacteria and virus and present them for theKiller cells and the Killer cells destroy the infected cell.

The whole immune defense system is based on signal system and the white bloodcells can produce signal proteins which stimulate Killer cells to act.

The immune defense system is dependent on a small intestine and the Peyer’s Patch in perfect conditions.

This balance to stimulate to a certain degree and then stop is a critical balance and if the body systems are in imbalance the production of Cytokines and other immune stimulating compounds going wild and create Cytokine Storm which normally is fatal.

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