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Stroke – body imbalance

The classification of stroke is into two major categories as Ischemic stroke (blood clotin the brain) and hemorrhagic stroke (bleeding in the brain). Stroke is normally aserious condition and it is the leading cause of adult disability in USA and Europe. Itis number two cause of death worldwide and will soon be the leading cause of deathworldwide.

Risk factors
Risk factors for stroke are advanced aged, hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol andother risk factors as smoking, stress and lack of homeostasis (body balance).

Homeostasis is very important to maintain the organism’s internal environment within tolerance limits; the range of conditions where the body’s processes are able tofunction at a level that would allow life to continue in that organism.The respiratory, cardiovascular, muscular system, kidney’s, liver, pancreas, hormonesand enzymes production, immune system and digestion tract are all controlled byhomeostasis.

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