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Can we control the bad prognosis for severe autoimmune diseases?

The answer is yes we can, if we accept what is the reason behind all these diseases.When an immune system in balance turn over to be in imbalance and destroy theirown cells something must be wrong. The best method should be to keep the body inbalanced action and therefore secure by prophylactic treatment of healthy people. Weknow that scenario is good but not realistic. Unfortunately, we have to wait to the firstdiagnosis is done and then we have to restore the body balance to normal again and bythat stop the development. However, that means that we have to secure that the SmallIntestine and the Peyer’s Patch System works properly and able to keep the balance inperfect condition. With a perfect condition in the Small Intestine including the Peyer’sPatch Lymphoid System we keep the immune defense system to just do the work as itis predetermined too. Sounds easy and it is easy when we have the right product in ourhand

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