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Kidney failure

The dysfunction of the Small Intestine leading to a spectrum of problems which arelinked to each others and create a total chain reaction of problems.The kidneys cannot perform its predetermined function and can create Diabetes andhigh blood pressure.Diabetes, High Blood pressure and high Cholesterols direct leading to kidney failure.

Primary causes of kidney failure:
Diabetes causes 43.8 % kidney failure and High Blood Pressure leading to 26.8%kidney failure.Kidney failure leading sooner or later to kidney dialysis or kidney transplantation

Control of kidney failure:
In order to control the body balance (homeostasis) is first to control the function of theSmall Intestine and by that automatically control the supply of minerals and vitaminsto the kidney and control of the diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterolHow to secure good kidney function:The only way to do is to secure the function of the Small Intestine. That can be done by Bio-lite which is a natural

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