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How to avoid heart attack?

The question is very important because heart attack is a serious condition and the riskfor dying is huge. In the literature it exist many advises and recommendation to eatright food, to take eat Dietary Food Supplement as Vitamins, Minerals, andPhytonutrients etc. The experts know and agree that homeostasis is very importantand in the risk scenario is Diabetes, Hypertension and Hypercholesterolemiamentioned as direct results of lack of homeostasis. Homeostasis or imbalance isregulated from the Small Intestine and therefore the method of choice must be to firstto first secure homeostasis in the Small Intestine and by that minimize the risk forheart attack. If the Small Intestine is out of order then additional prophylaxis with omega-3 oil, vitamins, Phytonutrients etc., has no meaning as the Small Intestine isnot functionally well for adsorb the supplements.

Can we prevent heart attack?
Yes, we can prevent imbalance in the Small Intestine and by that avoid direct riskfactors as Diabetes, Hypertension, Hypercholesterolemia and internal body stress.We can secure homeostasis and we can save life, we have the product for it.

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