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The Small Intestine the starting point for homeostatic imbalances

The small intestine produces the hormone Cholecystokinin which is responsible for stimulation of fat and proteins. Another very important hormone is Secretin which isproduced in the small intestine and controls the secretions into the duodenum and also controls the water homeostasis throughout the body.

Secretin regulates the pH of the duodenal contents via control of gastric acid mainly hydrochloric acid. Secretin also plays an important role in osmoregulation (osmoticpressure) in the hypothalamus and pituitary (small part in the brain) and the kidneyand is therefore an important part of the homeostasis.

Incretines stimulates the insulin release and inhibits Glucagon release.The three major classes of nutrients which undergo digestion in the small intestine are proteins, lipids (fats) and carbohydrates. Proteins and peptides are degraded into amino acids. Lipids (fats) are degraded to fatty acids and glycerol. Carbohydrates are degraded to glucose. The digested foods pass into the blood vessels in the wall of the small intestine by diffusion.

In the small intestine 90% of the ingested foods are absorbed into the blood.

The reasons for imbalance in the small intestine are many as; stress, infections, different kind of medicines, chemicals, toxins etc.

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