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What cause IBS?

The exact reasons are still unknown. The most common theory is an imbalance anddisorder of the interaction between the brain and the gastrointestinal tract. However, itmay also be abnormalities in the gut flora or the immune defense system. Especiallythe Small Intestine and its own lymphoid system named Peyer’s Patch System areextremely sensitive for infection from bacteria, virus, mycotoxins, and fungus asCandida albicans.Anti-biotic drugs which kill of the micro-flora in the small intestine may also causeIBS. Cytokine Storm which is caused by totally imbalance in the immune defensesystem can also cause IBS. Stress also change the balance in the Small Intestine andleading therefore to IBS

Can other diseases cause IBS?
If we agree upon the fact that total balance in the body is the key to stay healthy, thenthe answer must be yes. We know that Diabetes, Hypertension high Cholesterol,kidney failure etc., are all results of imbalance then logically IBS must be a result ofimbalance as well.

It is also facts that the Small Intestine is the key reason for imbalance and causingdifferent diseases condition and therefore it is logically that the key reason for IBS isto find in the Small Intestine.

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