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High blood pressure in relations to other diseases

Diabetes is linked to high blood pressure as diabetes is a result of poor digestion and imbalance in the body. However, high blood pressure can also cause diabetes.

Kidney failure can cause high blood pressure and high blood pressure can causekidney failure

High Cholesterol and high blood pressure are two different things and both of themtogether leading to disastrous consequences as heart attack and other coronary heartand arterydiseases

Cancer and especially pancreatic cancer can directly increase the blood pressure.

Infected Small Intestine caused by virus, bacterial, fungus, mycotoxines leading tohigh blood pressure.

Stress is one of the reasons for body imbalance and by that leading to high bloodpressure.

Weakened immune defence system can also contribute to development of highblood pressure.

Pharmaceutical drugs as cortisone, antibacterial products weakened the immune defense system and resulting in high blood pressure.

Cytokine Storm, a condition when the immune defense system running amok in the body leading to acute increased blood pressure.

The American Diabetes Association recommends that every patient with hypertension should check the blood sugar level as the risk for hypertension increasing drastically when the patients have diabetes.

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