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The Small Intestine the center for body balance

It is well-known facts that the Small Intestine is responsible for over 90% of all thenutrition supply to all the cells and organs. Essential Nutrients are nutrients needed fornormal body function and body balance that either cannot be synthesized by the bodyat all, or cannot be synthesized in adequate amounts for body balance. Some of theessential nutrients are vitamins, dietary minerals, essential fatty acids, and essentialamino acids. All the cells need constant supply of those Essential Nutrients includingoxygen and glucose in order to survive and do what they are predetermined to do.That is the picture of a total harmony in the whole body and the Small Intestine is thefactory and center to delivers what is needed to reach and keep the body in balance orhomeostasis. During homeostasis Small Intestine, organs and cells are producingenzymes, hormones, peptides etc., needed for the complexity in the signal systemwhich is needed to avoid diabetes (and other diseases) in order to control the glucose balance.

That is the scenario of a perfect Small Intestine in a perfect body. However, with thehuge complexity and the sensitive Small Intestine everything can go wrong and itdoes depending on the modern lifestyle, factory produced food, differentpharmaceuticals, stress, environment, infection by virus, bacteria and fungus, drinkingand smoking. All these factors and others contribute do down regulate the function ofthe Small Intestine and its Peyer’s Patch System which is a lymphoid system insidethe Small Intestine and is extremely important for the overall immune defensesystems which protect us from foreign invaders as bacteria, virus, fungus etc.The important ingredients in the daily food as minerals, vitamins, Phytonutrients,amino acids fatty acids etc., cannot be digested in a proper way and the body turninginto imbalance and that is the reason that the glucose metabolism not working well and resulting in Diabetes.

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