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Interrupted homeostasis

A system in balance will always trying to adjust itself when the system going intohomeostatic imbalance as everything are build on balance. Today we are surroundedby chemicals, insecticides, pesticides, anti-biotics and a flood of pharmaceutical drugswhich create imbalance in our digestion tract, in our immune defense system, in thecells, in the organs and so on. With an endless and continuously intake of abovementioned compounds the body and the system cannot adjust itself and that can leadto permanent damage of the homeostasis.

Above I have described and explained briefly the huge complexity about thechemistry and communication process. It is also easy to understand that when thestate of homeostasis is interrupted by many different reasons as; infection, baddigestion, medicines, stress etc., we are in dangerous situation. However, the bodytries to restore the interrupted homeostasis by adjusting one or more physiologicalprocesses.

The longer the body has been in a state of imbalance the more difficult it will be tochange the imbalance to balance. Long lasting adjustment may cause permanentdamage which can be behind the possibility for the body to recover. This imbalanceand damage can also leading to production e.g. of wrong hormones, signal substances,enzymes etc., resulting from mild to severe diseases and inability to maintainhomeostasis may lead to death. For instance, heart failure may occur when negativefeedback mechanisms become overwhelmed and destructive feedback mechanisms take over.Most, if not all of the diseases are a result from homeostatic imbalance and shouldtherefore be treated to restore the balance.

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