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Diabetes - The Body Imbalance

Homeostasis is the medical word for body balance and is the key factor for us to stay healthy or be sick. The balance between the hormones Insulin and Glucagon holdsmetabolism “on the line” and promoting stable inner milieu (homeostasis).Already now Diabetes is the public enemy number one depending on imbalance of thewhole body system

Diabetes mellitus type II
The most common type of diabetes is Diabetes II which is a condition when the levelof sugar (glucose) is too high in the blood. It exist many reasons; either the pancreasdoesn’t produce enough Insulin or the Insulin is inactive or imbalance between Insulinand Glucagon, or the production of gastrointestinal hormones Incretins is low, orimbalance of the small intestine or stress etc. The risks to get Diabetes are high andthe number of people to get it, increasing every year.

Diabetes mellitus type I
This type of diabetes is developed in young people and is classified as an autoimmune destruction of beta-cells in the pancreas which produce insulin. The autoimmunityprobably is a result of malfunction of the small intestine and the Peyer’s Patch CellSystem in the small intestine.

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