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The results of imbalance

It is well known facts that imbalance is dangerous for our health and leading to acascade of initially to small problems in the beginning and finally in sever diseases.As mentioned before the key center for the balance is the small intestine and thePeyer’s Patch Cell system and many different diseases start just there when theimbalance is a factum. One of the most dangerous diseases is Diabetes and increasingyearly. Diabetes is direct connected with other diseases as stroke, heart attacks,hypertension, high cholesterol, kidney problems and the list is long. Below please sealist of just a few diseases which directly it the result of imbalance in the smallintestine and also linked to Diabetes.

What is wrong?
The market today is flooding by many different Dietary Food Supplements includingVitamins, Minerals, Phytonutrients, Krill oil, Herbs etc., and every product isclassified as Miracle Drug.If now the small intestine is in imbalance it will be most in till impossible to use theadvantage of the spectrum of product as with a small intestine in imbalance the uptake maybe is zero or some percentages.

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