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The body - the chemical factory

Every single cell consists of a complete chemical factory which every second producing chemical compounds with biological actions. The liver, the kidney, the pancreas, the thymus, the lungs, the heart, the brain the small intestine, the lymphoid Peyer’s Patch system, the white blood cells, the red blood cells etc., all have its own predetermined function which is valid for all human being. Independent of DNA and genetic codes the cells and the organ are constructed in the same way and works in the same way also.

Our body need to produce a spectrum of enzymes, hormones, signal substances,proteins,peptides, immune active compounds etc., which each has a single work toperform. Our body also educates nude cells to be immune cells and part of thateducation occurs in the Peyer’s Patch System in the small intestine.The cells produce a huge number of signal substances which have the responsibility tocommunicate with other cells and its receptor. One very important factor is all thereceptors which either is inside the cells or outside the cells. They are needed in orderto act in one way or other and they respond and act on the signal system between cellsand organs.It is only one single hormone which have several duties and that is Insulin whichcontrol the blood sugar.

Let me take one example which is easy to understand. The pancreas producing thehormone Insulin, when the blood sugar (glucose) is too high the Insulin target aspecial cell receptor in order for a transport receptor on the same cell surface to openand take in the glucose from the blood stream.This is a typical signal process.If the insulin of one reason or others not recognize the Insulin receptor on the cellsurface the transport receptor with the duty to take in glucose into the cell cannotperform its work and we get too high level of glucose in the blood leading to Diabetes.

It is easy to understand that in order for the body to reach and stay in homeostasis ahuge teamwork between cells, signal system, production of needed chemicalcompounds with biological action are needed. However, all the cells and involvedorgans need a steady supply of Essential Nutrients, minerals, vitamins, amino acids,peptides, glucose, etc., and the only place which is the supplier is the Small Intestine

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